2022 Jonathan Lucero, Kuna Library District
2021                       Jacqueline Wood, Marshall Public Library

2020                       No Award 

2019                       Jamie Thill, Garden City Public Library

2018                       Kasi Allen, Twin Falls Public Library

2017                       Mandi Harris, Community Library Network

2016                       Lisa Egan, Boise Public Library

2015                       Josephine Bradford, Boise Public Library

2014                       Shalini Ramachandran

2013                       Kate Lovan, Garden City Library

2012                       Jenaleigh Kiebert, Boise Public Library at Collister

2011                       Ben Hunter, University of Idaho Library

2010                       Kristine Haman (Brumley), Boise Public Library at Collister

2009                       No Award

2008                       Sarah Jackson

2007                       Melody Sky Eisler, Garden City Public Library

2006                       Anna-Lise K. Smith, Idaho State University

2005                       Erin Hasler, Ada Community Library (Boise)

2004                       Tony Hurst, Star Branch of Ada Community Library

2003                       Lisa N. Bowman, Albertson Library at Boise State University

2002                       Michael Samuelson, Boise Public Library


2022 Whitney Garcia, Meridian Library District
2021                       Julie Weekes Davenport, Jerome Middle School

2020                       No Award

2019                       No Award

2018                       Suzanne Davis, East Bonner County Public Library

2017                       Angie Spelman, Payette High School

2016                       Alexie Sprague, Meridian Library  District

2015                       Justin Prescott, Meridian Library District

2014                       Kaitlin Cushman

2013                       Beverly Richmond, Priest Lake Public Library

2012                       Katelyn Volle, Eli M. Obeler Library at Idaho State University

2011                       Thomas Ivie, University of Idaho Law Library

2010                       Gena Marker, Centennial High School (Boise)

2009                       No Award

2008                       Laura Abbott

2007                       Dylan Baker, Ada Community Library (Boise)

2006                       Shirley Hansen, Idaho Commission for Libraries

2005                       Carrie Scarr, Boise Public Library

2004                       Becky Hadley, Marshall Public Library (Pocatello)

2003                       Lori D. Bonner

2002                       Laurie Francis, David O. McKay Library at BYU Idaho

2001                       Beth Hoback, Boise Public Library

2001                       Erin McCusker, Boise Basin Library District (Idaho City)

2000                       Cheryl Bruce, Meadow Valley District Library (New Meadows)

2000                       Tamra Hawley-House, Boise Public Library

1999                       Tamera LeBeau, Nampa Public Library

1999                       Becky Proctor, Jefferson Elementary School (Boise)

1989                       Linda Larramore

1988                       Patricia Metcalf

1988                       Karen Tate

1985                       Dennis and Lynn Baird

1983                       Nancy Williamson

1983                       Bette DeBruyne

1983                       Karen Strege

1983                       Randall Simmons

1979                       Fran Woods

1979                       Shirley Stibal

1979                       Cathleen Scaline

1979                       Vivian K. Rendla

1978                       Betty Jo Holbrook

1978                       Janie Luebeck-Smith

1978                       Rich Wilson

1978                       Linda Benton Brilz

1976/77               Cheryl Reeser


2022 Cathy Hampton, Ada Community Library
2021                       Donna Brisco, Friends of Caldwell Public Library

2020                       No Award

2019                       Friends of the Library in St. Maries

2018                       No Award

2017                       Debby Booth, Friends of Nampa Public Library

2016                       Maryann Cole, Friends of Caldwell Public Library

2015                       Nancy Rollins, Friends of Garden City Public Library

2014                       No Nominations

2013                       No Nominations

2012                       Kathleen Hedberg, Burley Public Library

2011                       No Nominations

2010                       Friends of the Library Association, Weippe Public Library

2009                       Kimberly Hirning

2008                       Friends of the Library Association, Weippe Public Library

2007                       Maxine Riggers, Nez Perce Library

2006                       No Nominations

2005                       Virginia Grosse, Valley of the Tetons Library (Victor)

2004                       Sylva Staab, Latah County Library District (Moscow)

2003                       Jean Elsaesser, West Bonner Library District (Priest River)


2022 Maryann Bailey, St. Maries Public Library
2021                       Myrtle Mellen, Benewah County District Library

2020                       No Award

2019                       Kate Souza, Garden City Public Library

2018                       Larry Blackburn, Caldwell Public Library

2017                       Lois Willie, Oneida County Library Board of Trustees

2016                       Rosemary Yocum, Priest Lake Public Library

2015                       Ed Hershberger, McCall Public Library

2014                       Robert “Bob” Fulton

2013                       No Award

2012                       No Award

2011                       John Held

2010                       Pete Black

2009                       Don Johnson

2008                       Dr. Jim Tullis

2007                       Florence Hawkes, Kuna Library

2006                       No Award

2005                       Dean Hazen, Portneuf District Library (Chubbuck)

2004                       Robine Singleton, Fremont County District Library (St. Anthony)

2003                       Helen Lowder, Boise Public Library

2001                       Scott Sherman, Blackfoot Public Library

1998                       Ed Rinker

1989                       Von Comstock

1988                       Von Comstock

1983                       Elizabeth Hallor

1979                       Vera Kenyon

1978                       William AGriff@ Jenkins

1976-1977            Frank Payne


2022 Harry Bettis, Patricia Romanko Public Library
2021                       Maria Cottle, Meridian Library District

2020                       No Award

2019                       Mary DeWalt, Ada Community Library

2018                       No Award

2017                       Cindy Lunte, Idaho Public Television

2016                       Kevin Booe, Boise Public Library

2015                       Dr. Roger Stewart, Boise State University

2014                       Shirley Biladeau, Idaho Commission for Libraries

2013                       Laura Young, Meridian Public Library

2012                       Jillian Huang (Subach), Boise Public Library

2011                       John Watts, ILA Lobbyist

2010                       Mary Nate, Heidi Riddoch, Karen Pettinger

2009                       Tina Cherry

2006                       No Award

2005                       Tim Hillebrand, Latah County Library District (Moscow)

2004                       Peggy McClendon, Idaho State Library

2003                       Pocatello Arts Council

2002                       Ann Abrams, Idaho State Library

2001                       Frank Nelson, Idaho State Library

1985                       Merle Wells

1983                       Kathy Bettis

1978                       Dr. Robert Furgason

1976/77                 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Harris

1974                       Dick Claiborne


2022 Ned Burns, Idaho State Representative, District 26A
2021                       No Award

2020                       No Award

2019                       Christy Zito, Mountain Home

2018                       No Award

2017                       Debbie Critchfield, Idaho State Board of Education (award temporarily renamed “Public Official of the Year”)

2016                       Rep. Reed DeMordaunt, Ada County

2015                       Rep. Julie Van Orden, Blackfoot

2014                       Rep. Phyllis King

2013                       No Award

2012                       Sen. Bart Davis, Idaho Falls

2011                       Sen. John Goedde

2010                       No Award

2009                       Rep. Del Raybould

2006                       Maxine Bell and Scott Bedke

2004                       Sen. Dean L. Cameron, Rupert

2003                       Rep. Elmer Martinez, Bannock County and U.S. Rep. C.L. "Butch" Otter

2002                       Sen. Hal Bunderson, Meridian

1999                       Rep. Dolores Crow, Nampa


2022 Debra Allen, Lewiston City Library
2021                       Shelly Garland, Caldwell Public Library

2020                       No Award

2019                       Jamie Thill, Garden City Public Library

2018                       Amanda Ruff, East Bonner County Library District

2017                       Amanda Berardinelli, Meridian Library District

2016                       Gregg Whitmore, Boise VA Medical Center Medical Library

2015                       Vanessa Fisher, Garden City Library


2022 Melissa Nielson, Highland High School (Pocatello)
2021 Gregory Taylor, Hillside Junior High (Boise)
2020                       No Award

2019                       Special Services to School Libraries to Jeannie Standal, Idaho Commission for Libraries

2018                       No Award

2017                       Mary Karol Taylor, South Junior High (Boise)

2016                       Tifani Young, Lakeland School District (Rathdrum)            

2015                       Cora Caldwell, Gooding School District

2014                       Gena Marker, Centennial High School (Boise)

2013                       Megan Perryman, Century High School (Pocatello)

2012                       Susan Tabor Bosch, Wood River Middle School (Hailey)

2011                       Gregory Taylor, Hillside Junior High School (Boise)

2010                       Sue Bello, Follet School Library (Boise)

2009                       Kit Parker Les Bois Jr. High (Boise)

2007                       Nancy Van Dinter and Bishop Kelly High School (Boise)

2006                       Marlene Earnest Vallivue School District (Caldwell)


2022 Rochelle Smith, University of Idaho Library
2021                       Heidi Lewis, Boise Public Library

2020                       Beth Swenson, Idaho Falls Public Library

2019  LeAnn Gelskey, Hailey Public Library

2018                       Ann Nichols, East Bonner County Public Library

2017                       Ben Hunter, University of Idaho

2016                       Lacey Welt, Caldwell Public Library

2015                       Dr. Lynn Baird, University of Idaho

2014                       Karen Yother, Community Library Network

2013                       Peggy Cooper, Boise State University

2012                       Dawn Wittman, Lewiston City Library

2011                       Becca Stroebel, Boise Public Library

2010                       Mary DeWalt, Ada Community Library

2009                       Susannah Price, Boise Public Library

2008                       Karen Tate Pettinger,

2007                       Anne Hankins, Kuna Library

2006                       Luise House, Mountain Home Library

2005                       Timothy A. Brown, Albertson Library at Boise State University

2004                       Tamra Hawley-House, Ada Community Library (Boise)

2003                       Ann Joslin, Idaho State Library

2002                       Lou Chavers, Marshall Public Library (Pocatello)

2001                       Gardner Hanks, Idaho State Library

2000                       Marlene Earnest, Vallivue High School (Caldwell)

1999                       Karen Ganske, Nampa Public Library

1997                       Marj Hooper

1996                       Ned Stokes

1995                       Bethel Wing

1994                       Lyn Reinig

1993                       Helen Price

1992                       Ann Joslin

1991                       Adrien Taylor

1990                       Marie Sharnhorst

1989                       Margaret McNamara

1988                       Joanne Sutton

1987                       Betty Holbrook

1986                       John Hartung

1984                       Cheryl Sebold

1983                       Gloria Gehrman

1982                       Nina Ogden

1981                       Vivian Dimmick

1980                       Ed Linkhart

1979                       Stan Shepherd

1978                       Anna Green

1976/77                Geraldine Jacobs

1975                       Stan Shepherd

1974                       Dick Beck


2022 Emmett Public Library
2021                       Oneida County Library

2020                       No Award

2019                       Garden City Public Library

2018                       Salmon River Public Library

2017                       No Award

2016                       Caldwell Public Library

2015                       Garden City Library

2014                       Meridian Library District

2013                       No Award

2012                       Coeur d’Alene Public Library


ILA Lifetime Membership

2018                      Dr. Lynn Baird, University of Idaho Library

2016                      Kevin Booe, Boise Public Library

2007                      Dr. Charles Bolles

2004                      Marilyn Poertner, Boise Public Library       

2001                      Anna Green, Portneuf District Library (Chubbuck)

2000                      Lori Keenan, Latah County Library District (Moscow)

Youth Services Librarian of the Year

2005                      Patricia DeMarco, East Bonner County Library District, Sandpoint Branch

Bethanne Anderson Honorarium

2001                      Hagerman Public Library              

Special Citation for a Distinguished Career in Libraries

1999                      Margaret Schiff, Garden City Library

Presidential Award

1989                      Honorable Freeman Duncan

1989                      Glenn Balch (accepted by Ollin Balch)

Media Star

1988                      Marie Scharnhorst

1987                      Ken Worthington

1985                      Mary Jensen

ALA Major Benefactor Award

1987                      Mrs. Bryan Harris

Certificate of Appreciation

1987                      Ed Linkhart

1987                      Warren Owens

Special President’s Plaque (presented by Ed. Media Division)

1986                      Pat Stewart

Citizen of the Year

1979                      Lenore Christianson

1979                      Senator John Barker

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